The PentaPatch CAL 2024

The PentaPatch CAL 2024


UPDATE 31-01-2024: First batch of yarn kits Australis, Boreas and Zephyr are sold out. Second batch will be available in April.


The new Crochet Along project is called PentaPatch CAL 2024!

The PentaPatch resembles Greek mosaic tiles. The 5 (Penta) circles in the middle part and the method of joining the parts together (Patchwork) led to the name PentaPatch. 

The patchwork of the middle part can be joined together in different ways. The PentaPatch 2024 is a blanket (size L x W approx. 170 cm x 150 cm) The PentaPatch kits are available in 4 colour variations, all with a Greek name that matches the colours: Australis, Boreas, Levant, Zephyr.

The PentaPatch CAL starts on February 23rd.

The CAL yarn kits can be pre-ordered now and shipping starts on February 12th 2024. 

The CAL (Crochet Along) starts on February 23rd and will be a weekly project with 15 parts. Every week a new part of the project will be launched with well writen instructions, crochet diagrams and instructional video's. Joing the  Facebookgroup 'Haakplein' or visit to follow the PentaPatch CAL 2024.


Yarn kits PentaPatch 2024 CAL
For this CAL there are kits available in four colour combinations:

Zephyr (brown-green-blue)
Zephyr was the god of the Western wind and the soft spring breeze. He was depicted as a young man with wings, that had brought spring and flowers. 

Levant: (purple-green)
Eastern wind is also called Levantine wind. This refers to a region in the Eatern part of the Mediterranean. 

Australis: (pink-brown)
Australis or Southern Wind is derived from the Latin word Auster that means south.

Boreas: (blue-grey)
In Greek mythology, Boreas was the god of the North Wind. He was depicted as a powerfull figure bringing cold air and wintery conditions.

We have digital images available that support the PentaPatch CAL. You can use these images of the blankets and yarn for your website, online shop or other applications to promote the yarn kits or the used Durable Comfy yarn of this CAL.  Download the images here 

Kits can be pre-ordered now and delivery will start February 12th.

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