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Floorstand Lamp

The ultimate lamp for medium and large canvasses, sculpting and other creative tasks. An extraordinary spread of pure daylight allows you to work at any time of day or night achieving superb contrast and colour reproduction. The exceptionally bright 95+ CRI Daylight LEDs are highly energy efficient and never need to be replaced. Eliminating multi shadows, the unique diffuser prevents glare and in combination with the fully variable dimmer ensures you get the exact amount of perfect daylight onto your artwork.The ergonomic 3-way shade ensures you can adjust the light precisely where you want it, and the solid weighted metal legs guarantee stability in any situation.

- Daylight 6,000K LEDs with 95+ CRI to see colours accurately at any time of day or night
- Exceptional brightness (6,000 Lux) combined with a unique light guide for perfect diffusion
- Wide 24cm diameter shade enables an extraordinary spread of light
- Easily adjustable brightness using the continuous dimmer switch
- 3-Way adjustable shade via sliding handle and rotating shade
- Unique press-to-release button system keeps the lamp firmly in position
- 1.9m high floor stand for extra-large projects
- Easy-assembly solid weighted metal legs for maximum stability wand anti-trip cable holders
- Anti-slip feet for maximum friction and surface protection

Product information:
- Weight 3,8kg
- Colour Black/Orange
- Cable length 3m

Light output:
- Light source LED
- Lumens 1,600
- Lux at 30cm 6,000
- Colour temperature 6,000K
- CRI 95+
- Energy consumption 23W

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