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In Crochet à la Bloemen – Squares & colors Karin Bloemen shows how you can crochet her favorite colorful garments and accessories yourself!

With this book Karin Bloemen invites you into her creative world. Crochet cheerful cardigans, stoles, shawls, bags and other accessories, all with Karin's characteristic flair.

Due to the multicolored granny squares in her patterns, the crochet designs not only look cheerful and cozy, but they are also very stylish and cool – just like Karin herself!

The clear explanation with step-by-step photos and crochet diagrams for each pattern also ensures that the homemade outfits are finished in no time. In short, it is a pleasure to crochet à la Bloemen!

In addition to being a comedian, singer and actress, Karin Bloemen is also a fanatic crocheter! She wears her colorful crochet creations everywhere, and her beautiful homemade shawls and warm blankets are very popular among fellow artists. “I didn't know it was possible, but Karin often proves the opposite; crocheting is “hip, hot & happening” and her shawls are like herself: cheerful, tough, chic, and very warm!' Anita Witzier

Karin Bloemen is a comedian, singer and actress; a colorful media personality and a striking appearance. She won a Golden Harp, an Edison and the Annie M.G. Schmidtprijs - and has a huge passion for crochet. This passion has really taken off in recent years: she wears one of her colorful crochet creati
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